[About the Program]

The vision of the Concerned About Recovery Education is to maintain and expand our recovery community supportive services so that all persons seeking a healthy and safe supportive environment will have the opportunity to reside within one. It is possible to live an alcohol free, substance free and justice system free life. OUR GOAL: To reach At Risk Populations and teach them what it means to be an authentic; to give them the tools necessary to overcome the obstacles of their past and to enable them to move forward with accountability, becoming people of integrity. We strive to turn a negative path to a positive and enduring one.

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Concerned About Recovery Education (C.A.R.E.)

We are a 501(c) 3, a nonprofit organization, organized in 1990 in Marin County, California. CARE was organized because of the degree and level of incarceration present in the community and the prison system. Initially, this program was available only to individuals outside the walls of manmade institutions. It became clear that whether incarcerated by circumstances which developed a call for detention; or battling the challenges of maneuvering the maze called life, direction that would allow individuals to go beyond their circumstances and situations was needed. CARE was conceived out of the notion that to be free, individuals must educate themselves on the peaks and valleys presented by life. Some may ask why Recovery Education? None of us were born to be thieves or murderers or rapists or dope fiends or drug dealers or gangsters. Recovery Education is about getting back to that before place. Before we found ourselves environmentally incarcerated. As we viewed this term “incarceration”, we came to realize that to a great degree, there is a strong correlation between incarceration and addiction. This course is developed to reach individuals who may find themselves floundering and in need of stability beyond the truths of day to day survival. Our intention is to teach individuals what it means to be an authentic man, and to give them the tools necessary to overcome the obstacles of your past and to enable you to move forward, gaining credibility by becoming individuals of honor. CARE presents the possibility of release from areas of confinement common to individuals, whether they are physically, psychologically, spiritually or intellectually incarcerated.