The individuals and women who are CARE facilitators have made a commitment to a very simple principle, in order to live we must have A.I.R., and that A.I.R. cannot be toxic. A.I.R. has to mean more than simply what we breathe. CARE facilitators are individuals and women who have successfully completed their parole, former correctional staff and community leaders desiring to effect change in our society.


CARE has developed a relationship with The California Mentor Foundation. Through this relationship, the evidenced based practiced of mentoring will be incorporated into the program.

CARE has developed a relationship with, the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. This organization consists of predominately African-American professionals who have agreed to offer their expertise in their various fields of endeavor.

CARE has developed relationships with professional sports organizations. This relationship allows CARE to bring in professional athletes to assist with motivational workshop and to offer life testimonies.